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Alton Loyd Cantrell alton-lloyd-cantrel-ped  


 Jonathan Lewis Phelan Six of Nine children of Jonathan Lewis Phelan and Laura Jane Robbins; Maggie, Anna, Lloyd, Ed, Leonard, and Robert.   Johathan Lewis Phelan FGS Jonathan Lewis Phelan PED

John Carl Moss FGS John Carl Moss PED

  The Oxford Family: Back - Ora, Elbert Homer, Curtis and Wesley Frone - Perry, Louise, Bernice in front, Laura Bell holding Bessie Faye.     Perry Baker Oxford FGS Perry Baker Oxford PED

 Asa Clement Dees and Charlotte Elizabeth Thompson   Asa Clement Dees FGS Asa Clement Dees PED

 Riley Graham and Elizabeth Wilson, parents of Cyrus Edgar Graham.   Cyrus Edgar Graham FGS Cyrus Edgar Graham PED  

Jean Baptiste Gardisser, father of John Oliver Gardisser   John Oliver Gardisser FGS John Oliver Gardisser PED  

Tombstone of James Conway McCuistion, Father of Wesley Brown McCuistion, Alabam Cem, Madison Co, AR.   Wesley Brown McCuistion FGS Wesley Brown McCuistion Pedigree Chart

Dillard Luther and Phoebe Jane Bunnell Children of Dillard Luther: Standing, Henry B, Inez, Gordon. Sitting: Inez, Laura, Forrest and Arlie. Dillard Luther and Phoebe J Bunnell FGS Dillard Luther and Nettie Lavada Cooper FGS Dillard Luther Pedigree Chart  

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