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Hausea Honea FGS


William Robert Honea was born 19 Jun 1858 in Nevada Co AR and died 7 Aug 1930 in Hempstead Co AR. He was the son of James Wilburn Honea 1833 SC/ 1915 AR and Elizabeth Ann Ray 1835 S C/ 1906 Hempstead Co AR. On the 11 of Dec 1884 he married Timmie Elizabeth Thomas, born 1869 Clark Co AR and died 1927 Hempstead Co AR. She was the d/o Calvin N Thomas 1845 AR/1875 TX and Nancy J Bogan born 1848 MS.

Their third child was Hausea Coleman Honea, born 5 Aug 1888 and died 27 Aug 1966 in Harris Co TX. Before the 1930 Washington Co AR census, he moved his family to Prairie Twp Washington Co AR. He had married Millie Banks Bonds on 31 Jul 1912. They were members of the Weddington Methodist Church and he was the song leader there for many years.

They had four children.

Leo Watts Honea was born 15 May 1913 and died 1 Feb 2000. He had married Zela Marie Clinchard on 22 Sep 1940 in Yakima, WA.

Elmer Bonds Honea was born 3 Aug 1915 in Hempstead Co AR and died 1 Mar 1985 in Washington Co AR. The 21st of Aug 1937, he married Vertie Geneva Cromer in Drew AR. Vertie Geneva Cromer was born 29 Dec 1913 in Nevada Co AR and died 28 Feb 2006 in Washington Co AR. She was the d/o William Philander Cromer 1878 S C/1967 AR and Etta Stewart 1887 AR/1978 AR. William Philander was the son of Henry Walter Cromer 1853 S C/1926 AR, and Martha Poole Swindler 1851 S C/1931 AR. Elmer and Geneva’s children and grandchildren still reside in the Weddington Area.

Mary Fern Honea was born 14 Aug 1918 in Hempstead Co and died 27 May 2004 in Benton Co AR. She married Thomas Callaway Cain 1918/1982.

Robert Sanford Honea was born 12 Nov 1921 AR and died 11 Sep 2012 in Washington Co AR. He met and married Betty Ruth Pearson on 27 Dec 1946. Betty Ruth was born 1 Nov 1927, the d/o Marshall Edward Pearson 1899/1966 and Ruth Roberson 1899/1975, of the Cincinnati Community. She lives in Washington Co.

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