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Wesley Brown McCuistion Pedigree Chart
Wesley Brown McCuistion

Family is as listed: Wesley Brown McCuistion, James Conway McCuistion, Mary Ann Elizabeth Sherrod, Sarah Ann Cooper, James W Cooper, Barbara Fritts, Lelia Ardella ‘Lellie’ McCuistion, James E Price Roberson, Lowery Melvin McCuistion, Margaret Lillian ‘Maggie’ Phelan, Nettie A McCuistion, Zelma Arretta McCuistion, Jerry Connie Ezell, Effy M McCuistion, Haden McCuistion, John Robert McCuistion, Isabel Rankin, James McCuistion , Catherine Jane Tennant, Thomas Rankin, Mary Isabella Clendenim, William Sherrod, Joel Sherrod, Katherine Karnes, Charlotte Miller, Frederick Miller, Mary Carter.

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